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My name is Clara, and I'm a senior designer with a BFA degree from Parsons. I've studied and worked in the fashion industries of both New York and Stockholm for more than a decade.


Since graduating in 2013, I've immersed myself in the design and production of men's and women's wear, spanning outerwear to lingerie, technological textiles to knit materials.


From initial sketch to final SMS, I've been involved in all stages of the product development process, specializing in technical drawings and creating tech packs to effectively communicate designs to factories.


Additionally, I've worked on graphic design projects, creating textile prints and branding graphics.

Having worked with a variety of international and Swedish fashion brands, my tenure at J.Lindeberg stands out as particularly impactful. During my time there, I meticulously crafted the technical drawings and tech packs for over 2500 products, ensuring that the factory received clear and accurate instructions aligned with the creative director's vision.


I take pride in the fact that the majority of my tech packs resulted in only one sample per product needed from the factorya testament to my commitment to precision and efficiency.

In my approach to creating technical drawings and tech packs, I like to play a little game with myself: to make them so comprehensive and detailed that they simply cannot be misunderstood. This saves valuable time in the sample development process and reduces costs associated with delays in sample production.

I'm passionate about streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency, both to benefit the company and to uphold the integrity of each design.


My dedication to excellence in tech pack creation reflects my broader ethos as a fashion designer: to merge creativity with practicality, resulting in exceptional outcomes for both clients and consumers.


As a creative individual, I love to explore and experiment with interesting and innovative ways to communicate beauty.


This undefinable and constantly changing concept is defined for me by a contextualized visualization of clarity, strength, drive, and hope. With a hint of something undefinable, there is inherent value, as it sparks our imagination and allows us to personalize beauty into our own unique experiences.


Fashion has always fascinated me. I recall being captivated by its allure as a young girl living in Paris (although I was born in Sweden, I spent some formative years in Paris as a child). My design aesthetic is often inspired by the design language I absorbed during that time — a love for grace, with a splash of fun.

To me, there is something magical about what fashion can achievehow it can empower the wearer, convey messages, and symbolize emotions. Fashion has the ability to uplift, comfort, provoke, and transform. The cultural significance of clothing, its role in self-expression, and its ability to narrate stories of our society are profoundly intriguing and beautiful to me. I am fascinated by the diverse range of fashion expressions and how they can evoke various emotions and responses, and their role in trend forecasting.

My journey in fashion began at the age of five when I learned the basics of sewing and knitting. This passion evolved into creating my own garments, crafting attire for friends, and eventually studying fashion for six years both in Sweden and abroad.


Initially drawn to learn patternmaking to unlock new tailoring possibilities, I later pursued higher design education in Paris and New York, culminating in a BFA from Parsons. My thesis men's wear collection explored the intersection of sound and patternmaking.

In 2015, I launched the brand 1800 (, dedicated to exploring innovative ways to enhance the comfort and functionality of pantyhose. For example, developing sustainable options for nylon products, by designing bio-based knee-highs (nylon made from castor oil).


My vision for the brand 1800 is to foster organic growth, releasing new products in response to market needs rather than adhering strictly to traditional fashion seasons. This approach ensures that each release is purposeful and timely, satisfying the evolving demands of tomorrows needs.

At the age of 17, I started my brand Renhuldt, where my design, knitting, and sewing skills could thrive. This venture still remains a creative outlet.


Beyond fashion, I find creative fulfillment in writing poetry, playing guitar, and painting. My paintings have been featured in two exhibitions in New York, showcased in the Lower East Side and Soho districts. I also enjoy incorporating cross-country skiing and practicing yin yoga into my life.

I am based in Stockholm and open to taking on new projects. If it's an exciting project, I'm interested! Reach out using the contact form below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Warm regards,



  • Tech Packing

  • Technical Drawings

  • Design

  • Production

  • Prints (placement & repeat/all over)

  • Graphic Design

  • Patternmaking

  • Size Grading

  • Sample Tailoring

Software proficiency at expert level

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • 3D CLO

  • Excel

Fashion Studies

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Fashion Design:
    Parsons the New School of Design, New York (2009-2013)

  • Sweden School of Textiles, Borås University (2009)

  • Parsons Paris (2008)

  • Academy of Cutting and Tailoring, Stockholm (2005-2006)

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